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02. Bail Matters

Bail Matters

Advocate David Victor has very rightly been acknowledged as one of the very best Criminal Lawyers in Bangalore when it comes to Bail related matters.


An expert in all matters concerning Bail – Anticipatory/Regular/Interim - he has an enviable record of success with regard to Bail matters in the Trial Courts & the High Court of Karnataka.

Further, he also represents clients in the Supreme Court of India.


Since Bail relates to the personal freedom of the individual versus incarceration i.e. forcibly being put in jail & denied a free & normal life, Advocate David Victor is personally very passionate regarding Bail matters & does anything & everything that is legally possible to ensure that his clients either are successful in securing Anticipatory Bail or if they have already been imprisoned, then to secure Regular Bail.


He is well qualified, very experienced & totally capable in this field of expertise.

He is the Bail Expert to go to for all those who require Bail.

He has had unsurpassed success in arranging Bail for his clients, including Bail in very difficult matters.

He is your Best chance at securing Bail.

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