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Advocate David Victor

 Senior Legal Expert since  1998

About Us 

Advocate David Victor is a seasoned legal eagle since 1998. He specialises in the following areas among others : Criminal Law; the POCSO Act, the NDPS Act, Cheque Bounce Cases & all Divorce related matters ;

He is also an expert with regard to cases under section 498A,The Domestic Violence Act & the Dowry Prohibition Act.

He is an expert in mediation & has a very enviable record with regard to the cases handled by us in the courts of law.


He is very professional ,yet very approachable & makes very sincere attempts to minimise or avoid legalese. He understands that legal matters are not just another technical or legal issue, but are matters which need to be handled with sensitivity avoiding unnecessary jargon.


His attempt successfully has been to help the client understand in clear normal language, the legal & other matters involved. He makes the whole process as quick & easy as possible & make purposeful attempts at avoiding/minimising bitterness & acrimony between the parties involved.

Why us ?

  • Because Advocate David Victor is a SPECIALISTS in his area of legal expertise.

  • Our legal services are Thorough yet Quick,Comprehensive,Efficient and completely Reliable.

  • No stories,complicated legalese and bureaucratic nonsense - Only straight forward,efficient legal services in the layman's language.

  • We will not promise you the moon & take you on a trip that cannot not realised. Instead we will give you the truth.   We will give you a very realistic & truthful  assessment of your situation/case.

  • We do not offer hype,glamour & glitter - but only real quick,hardcore efficient & reliable legal services.

  • It's because of this that Advocate David Victor is referred to as simply "the Best Lawyer in Bangalore". for Criminal/POCSO/NDPS/Cheque Bounce/Divorce & cases related to section 498 A,Dowry & Domestic Violence.

The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it

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