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Introducing our law firm

Advocate David Victor
has been offering premium legal services since 1998 

Get to know us !!

We are a LSP (Legal Services Provider) headed by the seasoned legal eagle - Mr.David Victor - since 1998, who have been acknowledged as the Best Advocates/Lawyers in the field of Criminal & Divorce Law in Bangalore.

We specialise in the following areas among others :

We are experts in Mediation & have a very enviable record with regard to the cases handled by us in the courts of law

Our Areas of Expertise


Advocate David Victor has been widely acknowledged as one of the best Criminal Lawyers in India.

Since Criminal Law literally deals with life & death, Advocate David Victor who is a Criminal Lawyer is an expert, well qualified,experienced & very capable in this field of expertise - Criminal Law.

His Expertise Extends to :

  • Interacting with the Police Station

  • Applying for Bail - Anticipatory/Regular

  • Quashing of FIR's

  • Representing during the Trial

  • Parole or Probation

  • Appeals  


Advocate David Victor has very rightly been acknowledged as one of the very best Criminal Lawyers in Bangalore when it comes to Bail related matters.

An expert in all matters concerning Bail – Anticipatory/Regular/Interim - he has an enviable record of success with regard to Bail matters in the Trial Courts & the High Court of Karnataka.

Further, he also represents clients in the Supreme Court of India.


He is well qualified, very experienced & totally capable in this field of expertise.

He is the Bail Expert to go to for all those who require Bail.

He has had unsurpassed success in arranging Bail for his clients, including Bail in very difficult matters.


He is your Best chance at securing Bail.


POCSO is a very stringent & serious Act.

While securing either anticipatory or regular bail is usually difficult, Advocate David Victor, a very experienced & expert POCSO Lawyer, has been very successful in securing Bail for several of his clients.


Further, as a specialised POCSO advocate, he has been highly successful in defending those accused under this Act.

He is your Best chance at securing Bail/defending anyone accused under this Act.

He has ample experience & expertise dealing with the highly niche area of the POCSO Act.


The NDPS Act is a very stringent & complicated one which requires skill, expertise & experience to handle.

If it is poorly handled, the consequences can be serious & even disastrous.

Advocate David Victor a very senior legal professional has the required acumen, experience & skill to deal with the complexities of this anti narcotic act.


Bail matters under this Act are very skillfully handled by him & similarly the trial is conducted with great dexterity & professionalism.

He has rightly been acknowledged as on of the very best advocates who deal with the highly niche area of the NDPS Act.


The above provisions of the law though dealing with family & divorce matters are of a criminal law nature & are best handled by criminal advocates like Advocate David Victor.


Whether it is filing & pursuing a case against someone or defending oneself from cases filed by anyone, Advocate David Victor stands out as the best advocate in Bangalore to successfully handle such matters.


With a very long record of consistent success in this field, he is the obvious person to go to whenever any of the above matters are involved. 


Cheque Bounce

Advocate David Victor is an expert in cheque bounce cases having represented both sides very successfully.

So whether you are the Drawer or the Payee,we are the best place for you to approach in cases of cheque bounce



We SPECIALISE in all divorce related matters - from pre- divorce counselling to all legal matters including filing for divorce-child custody-maintenance-visitation-etc. Our Divorce services are available right from the Family Courts all the way to the Supreme Court of India. We are experts in mediation & also have a very enviable record with regard to cases in the courts of law.

We offer FIVE convenient modes of  Consultation

  • HOME CONSULTATION : Now, you can avail of our entire bouquet of legal services including consultation, from the privacy & comfort of your home.

  • IN PERSON : By appointment only


  • BY SMS




     91-080- 09886212969


WhatsApp :  9886212969


Advocate David Victor 

At : Beech,E-1,Manyata Embassy Business Park

& HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar 

 Also at : Koramangala,Hebbal,MG Road,Rajajinagar & many other multiple locations in Bangalore

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